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Often you want a simple amplifier to amplify or annunciate the signal you are feeding into a data acquisition system. For example you have a signal from a temperature sensor that is providing 10mV/deg but you are only operating over 0-40 degrees giving an effective span of 0 to 0.4V. Your data acquisition system accepts a signal of 0 to 10V so you would like to amplify your signal by 10 to get better resolution. Or you may have a 48V battery that you wish to monitor with a data acquisition system that has a 0 to 5V input range. You could use a simple voltage divider but the input impedance of the data acquisition is only a few kilo ohm. Or you may have a 4-20mA signal you wish to convert to 2 to 10V or 1 to 5V This Dual DC amplifier provides a solution to these problems and more The dual DC amplifier circuit consists of two non inverting amplifiers (OP1 and OP2) with a voltage divider at the input. Each amplifier is identical in design and is issued with one 50K potentiometer. Whether the circuit amplifies or reduces the amplitude of the signal depends on where the 50K potentiometer is placed on the circuit. A simple jumper allows the circuit to operate off a 9 to 24V supply for amplification of unipolar signals or it can be powered by a +/-9 to 15V supply for amplification of bipolar signals.(Click here for full documentation in pdf format)

(Click here for circuit diagram)

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