Component Test Option for HPS140MK2 Oscilloscope

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Description: Connect this easy to use component tester to your handheld oscilloscope (hps140mk2) and receive all useful information about resistors, transistors, diodes and more, including their pin out identification..


  • dimensions: 23 x 96 x 15mm (W x L x H) (without cables)
  • supported components: SCR, JFET, E-IGBT, D-IGBT, E-MOS, D-MOS, resistor, coil, capacitor, diode, transistor
  • resistance resolution: 0.1Ohm (max 50 Ohm)
  • capacitance range: 28pF to 100.000µF
  • inductance range: 0.01mH to 20H
  • standby current: 20nA
  • power supply: 12V battery GP23A (included)
  • test current: approx. 20mA
  • test speed: 2 seconds


  • a single button test
  • a test indicator
  • auto shutdown
  • shows pin layout
  • handheld oscillopscope (HPS140mk2) needed (not included)
  • only compatible with the HPS140mk2 (not included)
  • battery included
  • component analyzer with automatic pin out identification
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