Flash Memory Based Mini Embedded MP3 Sound Module

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This is a small high quality MP3 audio module. A SOP16 package type MP3 main control IC is adopted, so  the module is smaller and has quicker response speed. This module has a SPI flash as the storage   medium. Chang sound files via the mini USB to the SPI flash directly just like a USB flash drive without  using any assistant PC software, which significantly improved operating efficiency. And it is built in a 3 watts amplifier on board that is able direct drive a 3W/8ohm speaker.


  • Supports MP3 audio format files, great sound quality.
  • Supports storage of max. 3584 MP3 sound files.
  • A 32Mbit(4MB)SPI flash memory is taken as the standard. Supports max. 128Mbit(16MB)flash. 
  • Load/update MP3 sound files via the mini USB port directly on PC(USB flash drive simulation).
  • Supports key control mode and one line serial control mode.
  • Supports USB sound card function.
  • Built-in a 3 watts amplifier that is able to direct  drive a 3W/8Ohm speaker.
  • 16 levels adjustable sound volume.

Technical Parameters



Audio Format

   Supports sampling rate 8Khz-44.1Khz, bit rate 8-           224Kbps, and 16bit of MP3 audio files

USB Port

   USB 2.0

Working Voltage

   DC 3.3-5V

Rated Current

   20-250mA(depends on the load)

IO Port Electrical Level

   3.3V TTL electrical level



 Operating Temperature

   -40-85 ℃



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  • Mike Arquilla on 11/19/2016 22:38:11

    I am try to use this in key mode with the ADKEY line! I have wires hocked to power and ground! SPK+ and SPK- ! Then a wire to the ADKEY with resistors and a wire to stop! When I triger the ADKEY with a 1K resistor and stop with the stop button it will play my files in sequence and NOT play the same one over and over!

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