Telephone Call Logger Kit (16k) (Assembled)

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Skill Level : Assembled and Tested

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Stores over 2,800 x 10 digit DTMF numbers. Records all buttons pressed during a call. The time and date recorded also. No need for any connection to a PC during operation. Uses serial port of PC to download data. Includes a Plastic Case 5”x4”x1” 9-12 VDC. Here is a typical log report: 07-Aug-01 09:01:32,07-Aug-01 09:02:50,2748828821097231880838#02111111#1 07-Aug-01 09:12:07,07-Aug-01 09:14:10,23042250 07-Aug-01 09:37:51,07-Aug-01 09:37:55, 07-Aug-01 09:54:10,07-Aug-01 09:54:28, 07-Aug-01 10:12:55,07-Aug-01 10:13:36,23042250 07-Aug-01 10:27:26,07-Aug-01 10:27:47, 07-Aug-01 10:40:38,07-Aug-01 10:41:18, 07-Aug-01 10:45:51,07-Aug-01 10:46:22,230422501 07-Aug-01 10:49:07,07-Aug-01 10:49:14,88888888 Lines with no numbers pressed are incoming calls. This option can be turned off. The first line is checking of bank account balances by phone banking. And if you don't tell your spouse the logger is connected you can monitor who they are calling and for how long.

NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for assembly!