1W Stereo Amplifier Module (Assembled)

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Uses 2 LM386N-1 for a stereo amplifier. Ideal for walkman and other battery powered items. 4V - 12V DC. Instructions PCB and components supplied. This is a 1 watt per channel, stereo amplifier module Kit using two LM386N IC’s from National Semiconductor. It is basically two of our CPS17’s on a single PC board, with a dual gang pot. It will operate best from 6-12V DC and will work well from a battery since the quiescent current drain is only 10 mA. It requires no heat sinks for normal use. The input and output are both ground referenced. Maximum output will be obtained with a 12V power supply and 8 ohm speaker, however it is particularly suitable for driving headphones from a supply as low as 4V. Speakers are not supplied. They should be rated at 3W or over. PCB size 63mm x 40mm (2.5" x 1.5"). (CPS115)

NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for assembly!Specifications : D.C. input : 4 – 12 V at 200 – 500 mA max. Idle current : ~ 10 mA Power output : > 1 Watt max. @ 8 ohms, 12V DC ~ 0.4 Watt RMS cont. per channel Freq. Resp. : ~ 40 Hz to 100 kHz, 8 ohm 90dBA) G = 20 > 60 dB, (>70 dBA) G = 200 Sensitivity : > 100 mV, G=20 > 10 mV, G=200 Input Z : ~ 10 k ohm (Full Documentation in pdf format)
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