300 second (5 minutes) USB recording module

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This module plugs directly into the USB port of your PC. Then use the free software to record up to 300 seconds of .wav files to this module. Comes with a speaker and a line out for an additional amplifier or external speakers.


  • Up to 300 seconds of re-recordable voice message (4.7K sample rate)

  • Includes 6 different playback settings including repeat and continuous playback.

  • Use USB type-A male connector for direct plug into USB port of PC (USB1.1)

  • Easy to transfer software for windows of WAV audio file.

  • Range of 4K - 20K sample rate.

  • 300 seconds non-volatile recordable IC.

  • Operating Voltage 4.5V

  • Operating Current < 50 mA

  • Standby Current < 5 uA

  • 4 Push switches for playback / stop of up to four different messages

  • 40mm 0.25W 16 ohm metal housing mylar speaker (included) 

  • 3.5mm (1/8") mono audio output 

System Requirements:

  • Unused USB port on computer

  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7 (Does NOT work on Windows 8, 8.1, or 10)
  • 3 x AAA Batteries (Not included)

  • Dimensions:
    Main board - Excluding USB connector: 55mm x 30mm
                          - Including USB & line-out connectors: 72mm x 30mm
    Speaker:  40mm (diameter)


This unit will directly plug into the USB port of your computer. A USB cable is NOT required. However if you do want to plug the unit into a extension USB cable first, you can order our A-male to A-female USB extension cable product number:

Additional Details:

For longer time before replacing the batteries you can remove the 3 x AAA battery holder the unit comes with and replace it with a different one: Alternate 3 x AA Battery Holders or you can connect 3 x C or 3  x D cells in series using 3 of these holders and connecting them in series: Alternate 1 x C or 1 x D Battery Holders

If you don't want to use batteries then we suggest this power supply: PSSMV1USA (Just set it on 4.5 volts)

NOTE: This unit will only record .WAV files. However, you can download a .mp3 file converter here: 

It is a very easy to use. Just open the sound file in this program, and save it as .WAV, and select PCM unsigned, 8 bit, mono in the Attributes section.

ALSO NOTE: When using the software for the USB5M, be sure to select "DAC for Ext.AMP" under the Voice Output tab before you program the board.

In Windows Vista/ Win 7 the PM66 software must be run as administrator by right clicking on the PM66 icon ad then click to "Run as administrator" 

  • Matt on 02/07/2016 00:19:48

    I have 4 sounds that I need this would perfect for, the only question I have is: the sounds are white noise, pink noise, brown noise and blue noise. I want to record each sound to a different button and have it be selectable, ie each button a different noise, but I need each button to loop the sound that is selected, will this do that? And I know this is 2 questions, but if 1 button is pressed looping the sound, and another button is pressed to select that sound, is there an on/off switch that in which the device can be turned off. If not no big deal Im sure I can add one inline with the batteries.

  • Mason on 01/14/2016 18:21:26

    Hi Cody, This sound module has 300 seconds shared between all 4 buttons. This means you could put all 300 seconds on 1 button or you can mix and match between all 4 buttons as long as the total amount doesn't exceed 300 seconds.

  • cody yanna on 01/13/2016 05:07:29

    Are you able to put multiple recordings on each button or are you limited to one per button up to a cumulative 300 seconds? I'm hoping to use this in a gift for a friend where I can put various movie quotes on one button, birthday wishes from old friends on another, etc. but I would like to be able to have each button play only one of each type at a time when the corresponding button is pressed.

  • Johan Smit on 12/18/2015 17:32:16

    Nick, we hope to have in the future a version for Windows 10. Unfortunately we do not yet have it or even know when it will be available. Thanks

  • Nick Pratelli on 12/18/2015 11:54:42

    Is there software that is compatible for Windows 10 or an alternative as I cannot roll back to Windows 7 or earlier?

  • Mason on 12/01/2015 21:00:04

    Hi Jeffrey, I would recommend any of the AAM1 amps that we carry. If you search for that, you can see we have a couple of versions of the amp module. From there you can choose the version that best suites your needs.

  • Jeffrey Lang on 12/01/2015 19:29:33

    Awesome, converted to a wav file using GoldWave and sounds good although I think I want to see how an amplifier could enhance the sound. Would you happen to be able to suggest an amplifier/amplifier kit option? I see the VM114 below but my config is using the 3 AAA batteries. Thanks

  • Mason on 11/30/2015 21:26:04

    Hi Jeffrey, I would recommend the GoldWave software. It is a free and easy program to use. You are able to save in any sound file format using that software.

  • Jeffrey Lang on 11/30/2015 19:36:49

    I have a wma file and see many free converter programs, as well as a Microsoft program but the MS tool states it will convert WMA Lossless file back to uncompressed PCM in .wav format....any recommendations? Thanks

Suggested alternatives: