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Random Message Playback Tutorial
Often times customers have asked me if our playback modules could play messages in random order. Unfortunately none of our playback modules have this feature. So here is a brief tutorial on how to make any of our playback modules play messages in random order using an Arduino.

First you will need to remove the play buttons from the wries of your playback module. Each wire will then connect to a switching transistor. Any low power switching transistor should work but I am using the BC547. Connect the wires to the first and last pins on the transistor leaving the middle pin alone for now.
In order for the transistor to switch, the ground of it and the Arduino need to be common. For this to work, you will need to solder a wire to the ground side of the power supply for the playback module. You will then attach the other side of the wire to the GND connection on the Arduino.
The final step of the build is to connect the transistor's center pins to the Arduinos outputs. I used pins 2 through 5. Just push the center pin into the header on the Arduino at the corresponding pin.

Download the software from here and upload it to your Arduino. You should get a random message being played every 30 seconds. You will be able to play around with this code and change the delay time as well as the trigger.