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Customer Testimonials page 4
To whom it may concern I just wanted to take a minute to send you this email to say, This is the first time I have ordered from you and it has been a pleasure. Your timely processing and quick shipping is a BIG PLUS, and I will be doing a lot of bussiness with you in the future...and would be more than happy to recommend to others as well. I do alot of buying on the internet and we need more bussines's like yours. Again, Thank You. Earl
I wish to express my appreciation. I'm married to a wonderful computer/engineer "geek". I was at a major loss when he expressed his most recent desire for a multimeter with PC interface WITH capacitancy meter features. So I said OK he is speaking his usual "geek greek" and I'm suppose to understand this and it is less than a week before Christmas so I have no hope of making this wish happen. So I go to my trusty seach engine and low and behold what do I find---Electronics123 with the exact item I am searching for and at the best price on line! So I figure there is no way they can ship this to me in time for Christmas without it cost me my firstborn and a king's ransom in shipping charges and they are probably located in the middle of the Nowhereland and will take 57 days by camel and snail to get here. So I take a chance and call the toll free number and guess what? The very nice man tells me if I order online right then that they will ship it today and I can use the less costly 3 day select and have it in time for Christmas! Way to go Electronic123! I know my gift is in the hands for the delivery people and if is doesn't get here it is not your fault. But I just want you to know how grateful I am and that I have bookmarked your store and I will tell my husband and all the other people he works with about you and your store. Thank you so very very much. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and very Happy and prosperous New Year. Sincerely Deborah, The Ungeek
Hi, I just want to thank you for your wonderful service. I ordered a DVM from you last week and couldn't believe it when it showed up today. In these days when people love to complain, I want to compliment you on your great service. I will definitely order again. Joe Green
DRV8100 Received today Thursday and is working well. Many thanks for your excellent service.
Peter Farmer UK