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Product Number: K7000
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This signal tracer /injector has been designed to inject or detect a specific signal into an audio circuit in need of repair (such as amplifiers, radios, tone controls, ...) so as to detect the fault. In this way problems can be traced more easily. The signal tracer may also be used as a simple monitor or amplifier.

Product #: K7000

Skill Level: Kit - Basic Soldering Required

Additional Details:

signal injector:
0-2.5Vrms output (adjustable)
output impedance: 1.5Kohm
frequency: ± 1kHz
signal tracer:
3.5mV to 10Vrms sensitivity (adjustable)
gain: 40dB
input impedance: 50Kohm
output power: 0.5W / 8ohm
power supply: 7-9V AC or 9-12V DC / 150mA
dimensions: 2.4" x 2.1" Assembly manual
Illustrated assembly manual
Info Sheet for AC Voltage
Info Sheet for DC Voltage

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