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Inverters and Converters
Step-Up DC-to-DC Converter; 9-12VDC to16.5V200mA
Designed for countries (like in most of Europe) which only have power
supplies to 12VDC. This Kit increases the voltage to 16.5VDC.

PCB size: 2"x1 1/2". (CPS135)
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  Kit - Basic Soldering Required  

Negative or Positive ION generator
Mains powered ion generator which may be made into a negative or positive ion generator depending on the orientation of the 30 diodes. A neon light indicates whether the kit is on or off. The kit must be built into a box for routine operation. The use of this circuit will greatly benefit your health and will give you a feeling of comfort. It helps clean the air from dust, pollen, smoke and pollution. The increased concentration of negative ions in the air makes it feel fresher, brings a feeling of well being, helps in reducing stress and effectively reduces the severity of symptoms in some respiratory troubles. PCB size: 108mm x 50mm. (4.25"x1.97")
Supply voltage: 120 VAC (CPS57)
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  Kit - Basic Soldering Required