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March 2013
MuC301A Micro Camera Module - w/special 5 meter cable (with 1.2mm diameter cable)
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This is one in a family of products based on the most advance CMOS mixed signal technology. It integrates image array, signal processing, timing and control circuitry, all on a single chip. It is ideal for applications requiring a small footprint, low power and low cost.

Extremely Small size: 2.63 mm diameter!

  • 2.63mm diameter for the sensor module
  • OV6930 CMOS image sensor
  • Resolution 400x400
  • 6pin connection
  • 5m cable included
  • This version (A) of the camera comes with 1.2mm diameter cable
  • Lens not included (need your specs to make)

PLEASE NOTE: No lens is included with this camera. You will have to find and attach a suitable lens. We may be able to accommodate your lens design/specs. Please email us your spec requirements for a quote. Also because of the extreme small size and delicate nature of this camera we cannot accept any damaged cameras back for exchange or refund.

NOTE: This is only the camera. You will need a back-end to make this unit work - either a USB (C3842), TV/DVR (C6201 or C6203), or a TFT (C9203).
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  Assembled and Tested