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2W amplifier module LM380CPS97
Product Number: CPS97
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This is a very simple amplifier built around the LM380 IC. It can deliver up to 2W into an 8 ohm speaker depending on the supply voltage. Instead of using a heatsink or heat fins the heat produced is dissipated through the center pins of the IC into the copper overlay left on the PCB. If you do require a sustained output of more than ½ watt, you will need to add a heatsink (not included). The IC solders directly to the PCB.
PCB size: 1.75in x 1.75in (45mm x 45mm)

Power output:
> 2 Watt max. (4-8 ohms, 20V)
> 1 Watt max. (4-8 ohms, 12V)
> 0.5 Watt RMS continuous


Product #: CPS97

Skill Level: Kit - Basic Soldering Required

Additional Details:
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