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25W amplifier module LM1875

Full Documentation in pdf format

Kit contains the essential components to build a HiFi amp module using the LM1875 IC. See the documentation for full specifications. Heatsink, speakers and cables are to be supplied by the user.

This kit contains the essential components needed to build a high fidelity amplifier module using the National Semiconductor LM1875 IC. With the addition of a handful of parts and a suitable power supply, this module will deliver 25W RMS into 8 ohms @ 1% THD. PCB dimensions are a tiny 53 x 50mm (2.1” x 2”). Heatsink, power transformer, speaker and cables are not included.(CPS50)
1 – 9$20.52
10 – 99$19.44
100 +$17.82

  Kit - Basic Soldering Required  
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Click here for specs, downloads and more pictures.
CPS50/K50 PCB only
1 – 9$7.41
10 – 99$6.99
100 +$6.44

  Component or Part  
Click here for specs, downloads, and more pictures!
Extended record / playback module (8 minutes)
The K8094 allows you to record and play messages of up to 8 minutes long. Recording speed is continuously adjustable so that you can choose a perfect compromise between duration and sound quality. It also allows you to generate funny sound effects. Messages are retained in memory at power loss. The unit comes complete with microphone, line level in- and output and an output for a small speaker. Applications: Play messages in musea, stores, interactive installations, scale models, toys, as doorbell, gadget, etc…


  • record duration:
    • standard quality: 8 minutes
    • High quality: 2 minutes 40s.
  • built-in microphone
  • line level in- and output
  • pushbutton control (suited for open collector control)
  •

1 – 9$34.79
10 – 99$32.33
100 +$31.25

  Kit - Basic Soldering Required  
Dual Unregulated Power Supply
Four on-board 100V, 3A diodes plus 2200uF/50V electrolytics to provide an unregulated power supply from a center-tapped transformer. Many power amplifiers require a dual DC power supply for their operation. Usually this consists of some diodes and electrolytic capacitors to convert an AC voltage to a +/- DC voltage. This simple kit does just that, with all the components mounted on a small PCB to avoid the usual spaghetti-wired mass (mess?). The kit is constructed on single-sided printed circuit board. (CPS114)
1 – 9$16.53
10 – 99$15.66
100 +$14.36

  Kit - Basic Soldering Required  
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