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A complete function generator in pocket format! Now you can take test signals on the move; 3 waveforms can be selected. Set the output voltage or frequency and select signal waveform using the on the screen menu. A powerful sweep function is also included.

  • DDS type generator (Direct Digital Synthesis)
  • DAC resolution: 10 bits
  • frequency range: from 1Hz to 1,000,000Hz (± 0.01%)
  • frequency steps: 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz and 10kHz
  • waveforms: sine, square and triangle
  • sweep function with bi-direction option
  • output voltage: max. 8Vpp
  • real output level measurement: dBm / Vrms or Vpp readout (±3%)
  • typical sine wave distortion (THD): < 0.1% @ 0dB / 600 ohms
  • square wave rise/fall time: typ. 0.2µs
  • output impedance: 50 ohms
  • multi-language menu (Eng / Fre / Dut / Ge / Es )
  • white LED backlight
  • charging power supply: 9Vdc/200mA
  • operates on NiMH rechargeable battery pack (included)
  • dimensions: 2.9 x 4.5 x 1.14"
  • includes:
  • handheld Pocket Generator
  • getting started manual
  • BNC adapter, BNC male to RCA female
  • BNC male to 2x 4mm banana plug
  • USB power supply adaptor
1 – 9$129.95
10 – 99$121.43
100 +$117.38

  Assembled and Tested  
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Click here for detailed specs.

The PCGU1000 is a digital function generator which can be connected with a PC via USB.
Standard signal waves like e.g. sine, triangle and rectangle are available; other sine waves can be easily created.
The signal waves are created in the PC and produced by the function generator via DDS (Direct Digital wave Systhesis).
Frequencies up to 2MHz.
Features 2 equal outputs and a TTL Sync output.
Output voltage of 1mVtt up to 10Vtt at 600 ohms.
All outputs are galvanically separated from the PC in order to avoid measuring problems. Comes with power adapter.
in the box:
* USB function generator
* getting started manual
* software on CD
* USB cable
* worldwide charging adapt


frequency range: from 0.01Hz to 2MHz
crystal-based stability
outputs are galvanically isolated from the PC
low sine wave distortion
two parallel output connectors for waveforms
TTL-level synchronization output
stores up to 8192 of waveform points
standard waveforms: sine, square and triangle
predefined library waveforms included: noise, sweep, ...
you can create your own waveforms with the integrated signal wave editor
sweep frequency range 0.0001Hz to 25MHz
sweep time 1ms to 10 hours
noise mode bandwidth 25MHz
extended bode plot option together with PC scope
automated wave sequence generation, using file or computer RS232 input.
DLL available for custom software development

1 – 9$199.00
10 – 99$197.00
100 +$194.94

  Assembled and Tested  
Click here for detailed specs.
Price was: $199.00

function generator:
crystal-based stability
standard waveforms: sine, square and triangle
predefined library waveforms included: sine(x)/x, DCV, sweep, ...
auto set-up function and X10 option
pre-trigger function
readouts: True RMS, dBV, dBm, p to p, Duty cycle, Frequency…
transient recorder:
automatic storage of data
automatic recording for more than 1 year
record and display of screens
bode Plotter:
automated sync between oscilloscope and generator
logatithmic scale option
Volt or dB display scale
phase plot option
spectrum analyser:
linear or logarithmic timescale
operating principle: FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)
FFT input channel: CH1 or CH2
zoom function
Price: $204.95
Opamp Function Generator
Good value-for money & simple circuit to generate square, (pseudo) sine and triangle waveforms in the audio range. Uses quad opamp LM348.

You do not need a lot of money to have access to square, triangle or sine waves in the audio range. This simple kit uses four operational amplifiers (opamps) to deliver these waveforms in the 6 Hz to 7000 Hz range. The sine wave is a pseudo sine wave produced by a very simple wave shaping circuit.(CPS23)
1 – 9$14.82
10 – 99$14.04
100 +$12.87

  Kit - Basic Soldering Required  
Click here for specs, downloads, and more pictures.

signal output: sine wave, triangle, square wave and integrator (selectable through jumper)
signal frequency: about 1kHz (fixed)
output level: adjustable from 0 to 100mVrms (LEVEL potentiometer) (MK105)
1 – 9$4.96
10 – 99$4.70
100 +$4.31

  Kit - Basic Soldering Required  
Oscillator Building Blocks
Build and experiment with astable, monostable and SR flip-flop multivibrators(MV)on one PCB. 6 LED's & 9V battery-powered. Good introduction to electronics. Oscillators are everywhere in electronics. They are a basic building block upon which the whole structure of electronics and computers is based. This kit looks at the 3 basic types of multivibrators. They are designed to have zero, one or two stable states; the astable or free running MV, the monostable MV (also called the one-shot) and the flip-flop or bistable In the flip-flop MV a trigger pulse or control signal is required to change from one state to the other. MV's use regenerative (positive) feedback; the active components present within the circuit operate as switches being alternately cut off or driven into saturation. These circuits have now largely been replaced by timer ICs like the 555. (See CPS111.) However, a basic understanding of them is still essential since they are still used in many circuits.(CPS9)
1 – 9$14.82
10 – 99$14.04
100 +$12.87

  Kit - Basic Soldering Required  
Square Wave Oscillator LN/NE555 (inc box
Simple circuit to generate square waves of approximately 1Hz 10Hz 100Hz 1KHz 10KHz & 100KHz. A square wave generator is one of those pieces of equipment that has many uses in the workshop yet few hobbyists actually have. This simple kit, based on the popular 555 timer IC, generates six preset frequencies from 1Hz to 100khz. It has an operating voltage range of 5 to 18VDC and even provides visual indication of the output. The kit is constructed on a single-sided printed circuit board (PCB). The PCB size: is 78 x 50mm (3.1" x 2") and will mount on a small plastic 'Jiffy' box. (CPS111)
1 – 9$17.67
10 – 99$16.74
100 +$15.35

  Kit - Basic Soldering Required  
Click here for specs, downloads, and more pictures.
HANDHELD POCKET SCOPE 40MS/s (probe included)
  • 40Mega samples/sec in real time
  • bandwidth up to 10MHz
  • full auto range option
  • sensitivity down to 0.1mV
  • signal markers for amplitude and time
  • memory Hold function
  • direct audio power measurement
  • USB battery charger included
  • X10 measuring probe included
1 – 9$159.00
10 – 99$157.44
100 +$151.81

  Assembled and Tested  
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